Bringing our community together.
Objective of FreshwaterLIVE.
To bring together various groups, businesses and individuals resident in the village of Freshwater in a way that increases their impact on community life.
There are times when the community needs to be supported and encouraged to come together.
Well run and inclusive community events can be a significant contributor to the well being and quality of life of the people living in the community.
Simply put events like FreshwaterLIVE bring people together in a positive way.
FreshwaterLIVE events will be coordinated by a not for profit organisation known as the World Village Project run by volunteers resident in Freshwater.
The World Village Project will coordinate, promote and advertise each event and all the individual activities happening on the day.
At the moment the plan is to have two main events.
One in the July and one in December
The idea is to have as many activities as possible happening at each event situated at various locations around the village.
Each activity provider will be responsible for their own organisation and delivery on the day.
The World Village project will offer support and encouragement for all activity providers including the promotion of each activity.
Advertising and promotion.
Events will be advertised and promoted on this website, social media and with well designed posters and flyers distributed around the village.

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FreshwaterLIVE is supported by Freshwater Co-op