As a community event we believe we should be as transparent as possible about how things are organised and how things are financed.
There are unavoidable expenses necessary to put on the event and to advertise and promote it.
We intend to publicise in full our accounts so it can be seen that FreshwaterLIVE is not a high spending activity and needs just a small budget to be viable.
Initial expenditure is provided by The World Village Project Ltd and any income will be used to cover that expenditure.
The main sources of income are the bar, food sales and any donations we receive from stall holders who attend the activity on Jubilee Field.
We do not charge any business, club or organisation to be part of the event and any income they may generate is their own.
The Parish Council have waived any hire charges for Jubilee Field to support the event and the Skate Park is always open to the public at no charge.
If there is any surplus after the event it will be carried over to finance the next FreshwaterLIVE.