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We take great pride in the fact that through our guardianship practice we help those who are in great need, and we can help your family, too. Contact us online or by calling (478) 476-9110). Located in Macon, we serve people throughout the state of Georgia who need assistance with guardianship issues. Temporary Guardianship of a Minor's Person. If the child was not born in Macon County, you will need to bring a certified copy of the child's birth certificate. Natural/Biological Parents cannot obtain guardianship. They must file for custody through Superior Court.

The Public Guardianship Office (PGO) of the Division of Aging Services (DAS) is assigned oversight and delivery of guardianship case management services on behalf of DHS. Guardianship case managers act as surrogate decision-makers and advocate for persons under guardianship, and also coordinate and monitor all services needed for the support, care, education, health, and welfare of guardianship . Guardianship And Conservatorship Lawyers at 577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1410, Macon, GA 31208-6497 Free Consultation A highly rated Law Firm established in 1849 practicing Guardianship and Conservatorship law.

Guardianship and its Alternatives in Georgia. Asking it is both appropriate and prudent, because adult guardianship and conservatorship proceedings are fairly complicated and time-consuming, primarily as a result of the due process protections afforded the proposed ward. They can also be expensive. Becoming a guardian and/or conservator enables a person to be there in a decision-making capacity for individuals who are incapacitated either through illness or injury, or who have not yet reached legal adult age .

Consent to Criminal Records Check – any person who is nominated for appointment by the Probate Court of Bibb County as guardian or conservator for an adult ward is required to consent to a criminal background check. The consent form must be completed and . Incapacitated Adult Guardianship and/or Conservatorships The Petitioner is seeking the authority to care for the incapacitated adult, and/or manage the assets of the incapacitated adult. A guardian of the person of an incapacitated adult has rights and powers and is charged with the responsibility to provide adequately for the support, care.