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One night I was there with one of the other couples and my buddy's girlfriend had to go home. My girl had told her parents that she was spending the night with a girlfriend and she was going to stay the night. My girl, Juanita, had brought a robe and had put it on under . * * * * * * * * * * My fiancee's humiliation By: Carnal Knowledge * * * * * * * * * * The first time I realized my preference for "sharing" was in the late 60's. I had already had a few threesomes with a couple of my buddies but the girls were just dates, not someone that I really cared about.5/5(1).

Jul 29, 2012 · At one point my fiancees breasts were out of her shirt, panties pulled aside and his black hands were all over her body in this public setting as i sat and saw my fiancees eyes roll back in her head oblivious to the world around her caught up in the smell, taste and feel of her first potential black lover. Details are in her post below.Author: Us. The Pastor's punishment is finally delivered. Preparing for Robert's arrival. Fairies humiliate a male courier in the sloping fey forest. His sister put the thug in nappies, and reformed him! Submissive stepdad's relationship has changed! and other exciting erotic at!

Read Blackmailed fiancee, free Interracial Stories at and my clothes didnt feel right.scared I got up to see if Leon was still there and noticed I was wet between my legs not like I had sex but take my eyes off of his crotch.When his thing popped out I couldnt believe how big it was it was larger than my fiancees and it. 10/14/2017: Writing porn is usually a very lonely process, and if it weren't for the great encounters some of my stories are based on, and the great encounters that follow some of my stories, I wouldn't be doing it. This is about some of the more unexpected outcomes of forays into smut.