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Wish granting charities for adults provide terminally ill patients and seniors the chance to focus on something positive in their life. The desired products, trips, or experiences given by these charities provide either comfort in a person's last days or the chance to give their family members one last happy memory together.Author: Michele Meleen. A unique, one-of-a-kind, wish-fulfillment program for adults with cancer. High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc.. – New Hampshire. Dedicated to granting the wishes of New Hampshire’s severely and chronically ill children between the ages of 3 and 18.

Chandler-Gilbert Arc is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing teaching and support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Mission Our mission is to facilitate growth for people with disabilities through choice, experience, guidance, and respect. Alliance of People with disAbilities. Established in 1977, Alliance of People with disAbilities is located in King County, Washington. We have three independent living centers located in Seattle, Redmond, and Auburn.. At the Alliance, we work hard to make our community more accessible, inclusive, and usable for .

The Arc of San Diego is one of the largest nonprofits in San Diego County for children & adults with disabilities. Learn more about our disability services! Wish fulfillment organizations for adults and families. Deliver the Dream provides families living with an advanced illness, whether the illness involves a child or a parent, the chance to enjoy a 3-day retreat. Dream Foundation fulfills the wishes of adults with advanced illnesses. The foundation helps adults find peace and closure with the.

Director of Operations. Marvi Bajet joined OnFulfillment as IT Program Manager in 2009, and was promoted to Director of Operations in 2015. Marvi manages our IT programming team and is responsible for documenting customers’ business requirements, and then designing and developing custom software applications for OnFulfillment customers. Adult & Children's Special Wish programs in S. E. Michigan and emotional challenges they face on a daily basis. Starbright projects do more than educate or entertain: they address the core issues that accompany illness--the pain, fear, loneliness, and depression that .