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Daimon Institute. for the Highly Gifted. The Clinic. Our hour-long documentary film: RISE. The Extraordinary Journey of twelve Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults, fleshed out by stirring testimony from parents, teachers, and . Welcome to the Gifted Issues Discussion Forum. We invite you to share your experiences and to post information about advocacy, research and other gifted education issues .

This exceptionally gifted person's learning drive is akin to the functioning of a large whale: a slim, shiny black animal cutting the surface of gre en ocean water at twenty knots. At fifty tons it is the largest carnivore on earth.Followers: 1.3K. BOOK REVIEW (Davidson Institute) - Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults addresses the development issues and implications of misunderstanding gifted young people and adults. The authors James, Edward, Nadia, Jean, Paul, and Richard emphasize the need for greater awareness of how giftedness (in the context of.

Gifted Adults/ Interpersonal Relationships/ Learning. Ellen Fiedler takes the reader through stages of growing up gifted, from young adult “voyagers” to middle-age “navigators” to elder “cruisers,” and at each step, she offers numerous practical ideas to enhance one’s lifelong journey. No matter your age or stage, you will identify with the wisdom in this sailing adventure through gifted adulthood. Gifted adults typically possess a number of characteristics that set them apart from others in our society. Giftedness is often identified early in a child’s life. It is defined by having an IQ in the top 2-3% of the population, as measured by a psychologist.