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green and yellow striped tomatoes - Green Zebra Tomato Information - Tips For Growing A Green Zebra Tomato Plant

Beauty King - These are beautiful tomatoes that have clearly defined red- and yellow-striped fruit. The flavor is fruity and sweet. Beauty Queen - Beauty Queen is a prolific producer of small-to-medium-size tomatoes that have clearly defined red and yellow stripes. Terrific flavor. Big Rainbow - These 2-pound tomatoes have green shoulders, a yellow midsection, and neon red streaks running. Striped Home Shop by Department Vegetable Seeds Tomatoes Striped (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) This crop, native to the Americas, has become the most popular garden crop over the last 200 years.

Green Zebra is a tomato cultivar with characteristic dark green and yellow stripes. Newer variations blush reddish instead of yellow when ripe. It is more tart (described as 'spicy' and 'zingy') than regular tomatoes, and it is an early cultivar. Compared to other tomato varieties, it can produce somewhat mealy fruits depending on growing conditions.Type: Open pollinated. Potato and tomato breeder Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington developed Green Zebra. He used four heirloom tomatoes, including Evergreen, a medium-size green tomato. As Tom tells it, he first conceived the idea of a green striped tomato when he was growing up in the 1950s. At the time, he regularly ordered seeds from Gleckler’s catalog.

Heirloom. These huge, beefsteak-type red-and yellow fruits with a high sugar content are delicious and pretty to slice because of the bi-coloring. Although the variety is called Mr. Stripey, don’t expect perfect stripes. This is an heirloom and no two tomatoes are ever the same. The background 3.8/5(17). produce fruit that is green with dark stripes. As the tomatoes ripen, they become a chartreuse green-yellow hue overlaid with mottled green and orange stripes. Glorious to look at in the garden or in a salad, Green Zebra tomatoes are also a pleasure to eat. The fruit are relatively small, but the taste is huge, a sparking mix of sweet and tart.Author: Teo Spengler.

Green Zebra tomatoes are covered in vertical stripes which line the exterior of their vibrant green skin. When ripe the stripes will turn from pale green to a yellow hue. A petite tomato the Green Zebra grows to approximately 2 inches in diameter and has a round, globe like shape. For example, pale yellow tomatoes tend to be mild and low-acid. Limmony, however is a yellow tomato that has a very strong acid background, giving it a robust “lemon-like” flavor. I have not included cherry tomatoes or plum & paste tomatoes, as they cannot be as easily grouped into color-taste profiles.