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"Euro - Afro Asian Sweepstake Lottery / E.A.A.S Lottery Headquarters / Euro-Afro-American-Sweepstake Lottery" are labels used by fake lotteries in the Netherlands, Nigeria, Indonesia and South Africa. This is a 419 scam. No lottery company by that name exists. Any money you send to the "lottery agent" will be lost. Euro-Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery Inc. Customer Service, 580 N.Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA 85914, An Affiliate of Charity International. Arena Complex Km 18 Route de Rufisque, I.P.P Award Department,UintedKingdom.

Jan 07, 2019 · I rcieved a mail from some lottery.Major points are noted below: We happily announce to you the draw of 2008 Euro-Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery International Program held on the 9th March 2008 in United Kingdom.Author: Aftab Khan. Heck, the scammers can't even spell "sweepstakes" correctly! If you fall for this one, you're dumber than they are! Below is the example of the fake email scam (the email is the scam, not any persons or companies named in the email) claiming to be from the "Euro-Afro-American- Sweepstakes Lottery International programs".

Read the latest user reviews about Euro-Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery Inc. in Malaysia. Consumer complaints and company contact information. verification. i was recieved also a messages as all complaint from this euro asian afro swepstakes lottery international. i want to know this will be a scam same that from orange promotion. why this not stopped by authorities. this will victimized many people. or this no internationals law, to toppled this scam.

Euro-Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery email scam and what you can expect is shown below. Please keep in mind that this is listed to make you aware and you should NOT respond to such emails. This is all designed to steal your identity and any money that you may have, so beware! Oct 14, 2010 · Consumer complaints and reviews about Euro-Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery International Program. Is it real or fake? Scam & Fake ChecksAuthor: Cash.