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Jun 15, 2016 · Concrete is a strong and sturdy base that when done is very smooth... think of your garage floor the day after it was poured, that is what your pool bottom is. Many say that having a porous pool bottom is good so it doesn't crack. If you have that much ground water or hydrostatic pressure, then your pool was built wrong and you need or should have a sump system installed on . Jun 14, 2011 · Pour concrete into the pool to create the bottom slab. Purchase plenty of shotcrete mix or gunite. Place it all in a mixing truck equipped with a big hose or dumping rail. Dump the concrete onto the rebar or spray it out with a hose attached to the truck. Use enough concrete to make the pool floor at least 6 in (15 cm) thick.100%(5).

Specialty Concrete Mix Recipes. Pool plaster - This is a very dense plaster mortar used for interior finishes of concrete swimming pools. You would typically mix 2 parts fine white silica sand with one part federal white cement powder (or 1 part fine sand and one part plaster / extra fine white sand). Concrete. With the forms in hand, however, the material costs of building a vinyl-liner support structure are just rebar and concrete, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to transport to the jobsite with modern ready-mix trucks. Once the pool walls are finished, the concrete pool has to .

Vermiculite. Some pool owners opt for a vermiculite pool bottom under a vinyl liner. Vermiculite costs approximately $1,500 more than concrete and is more difficult to install, but it's more. Concrete / Block Wall Vinyl Pool Kits - An older style of vinyl liner pool construction was to build cinder block walls instead of ordering a vinyl pool kit. While this is still done by some builders in some areas, the vast majority of vinyl pools built today use either steel wall or polymer wall kits.

Later on, a solid concrete collar is poured around the bottom of all of the panels to ensure stability. Here you can see a cement truck getting ready to pour the concrete collar that will stabilize the entire pool wall installation. There are three types of pool bottom materials that can be used for inground vinyl pool construction. Pre-Mix, Vermiculite and a Sand Mix. Pre-Mix Vermiculite Pool Floor. The most common and also the most expensive pool bottom is a Pre-Mixed Vermiculite, sold as Pool Base or Pool Mix.